HR in IT

Chairs: Wolfgang Traunmüller (ITC), Ronald Mitterndorfer (NHR)

Aims of the AG.IT-HR working group

The shortage of skilled workers in IT is slowing the growth of some companies in the sector. Finding good employees and encouraging them to commit to the company long-term is proving an increasingly complex task. To meet this challenge, it is becoming more and more important to look at the personnel situation in its entirety and to offer employees the chance to add to and make full use of their skill sets. At regular exchange experience meetings, learn from CEOs and HR managers how they deal with the personnel issue in their companies.

In specialist workshops, discuss what potential and possibilities you have to make your company interesting to skilled professionals by introducing and implementing the necessary HR measures. 

Target group

  • Young, (rapidly) growing companies    
  • Start-ups
  • Small and medium-sized IT companies

Topic Pool

  • Looking for and taking on staff
  • Human resource development (training, promotion, executives, qualifications)  
  • Human resource management (performance review, target agreements, feedback, teamwork)
  • Salaries (salary structures, wage management, appropriate pay levels)   
  • IT freelancers: legal frameworks       
  • Employer branding with the focus on social media
  • Knowledge management  
  • Strategic human resource management
  • Models for HR sharing in IT companies
  • Management structures in “agile” project environments

The role of the IT Cluster

  • Organising and coordinating schedules         
  • Chairing and keeping written records of each of the meetings         
  • Organising talks by external experts

Outputs & Advantages

  • New ideas and findings for in-house implementation of HR measures
  • Finding out about examples of best practice from CEOs and HR managers of IT companies
  • Exchange and discussions with “peers”

Hosts and venues

By hosting a meeting, participants in the AG.IT-HR can spotlight their own situation and particular aspects of the topic.


  • 21.03.: "Internationales Recruiting"
  • 28.06.: "Virtuelle Führungskompetenz"
  • 04.10.: "Neuer Kompetenzbereich/neue Herausforderung für Mitarbeiter"
Foto: Wolfgang Traunmüller, MSc

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