Software Quality

Chair: Robert Stubenrauch (ITC)

Aims of the AG.IT-Q

The AG.IT-Q is a group of experts who exchange experiences on topics they choose themselves from the broad field of quality in software life cycles at regular meetings (4 per year). The differing approaches and perspectives of software manufacturers and users provide us with valuable know-how. This generates practical knowledge of the potential and use of current processes and tools for improving the quality of IT solutions. Examples of best practice from the participants’ experience are presented and discussed. Service providers join the group as appropriate. 

Target group

The AG.IT-Q is of interest to a wide range of professionals working on software development and quality, covering as it does the requirements from the customer’s perspective, development and implementation at the user’s premises. From engineering aspects to marketing and legal aspects (warranties etc.)

The target group includes:

  • Manufacturers of software products and customised solutions   
  • Customers and users of IT projects in all sectors (CIOs, IT in production etc.)     
  • Service providers from relevant areas of IT development and quality management    
  • Experts from the sciences/research/training in the software engineering field

Topic Pool

The following main topics are possible:

  • Methods of software development and corresponding practical experiences
  • Project planning and management structures
  • Aspects of IT/software product quality and the products' relationship to the methods
  • Aspects concerning both the customer and the team of developers, in cross-company project teams where appropriate
  • Requirements engineering
  • IT security as an aspect of quality embedded in the system design
  • Legal aspects (project charter, warranty etc.)

The role of the IT Cluster

  • Organising and coordinating schedules
  • Chairing and keeping written records of each of the meetings
  • Organising talks by external experts as appropriate

Outputs & Advantages

  • New ideas and findings for in-house implementation         
  • Identification of potential cooperation projects with an innovation component
  • Top know-how from guest experts

Hosts and venues 
By hosting a meeting, participants in the AG.IT-Sec can spotlight their own particular aspects of the topic.

The meetings should take place 4 times a year. Costs per year: EUR 600,- (excl. VAT).
Prerequisite for participation: Membership in a cluster of Business Upper Austria.

Schedule of the AG.IT-Q
The first meeting: February 20, 2018 
Further meetings are agreed with the participants.

Foto: DI Dr.  Robert Stubenrauch

DI Dr. Robert Stubenrauch

Project Manager

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