Serbia offers IT expertise

Generalkonsulin Svetlana Stankovic / Foto: privat
Generalkonsulin Svetlana Stankovic / Foto: privat


Quality software development services are hard to find nowadays, but Serbia had proven itself in the IT world as a highly qualified expert with a long-term relationship with clients. As a country that has been putting so much support to engineering and IT education, community and opportunities it is clear why Serbian companies are rapidly climbing IT ranking and Nis in particular. Nis is rated 3rd as a Small European Region of the Future 2018/19 and 7th as a Small European City of the Future 2018/19 by fDi Intelligence.

Computer software is one of Serbia’s main export products and ICT is considered priority sector by the Government which is resulting in many great products, satisfied customers, opening startups and having the U.S. as the top exporter.

Serbia is considered a trustworthy resource of technology partners because of highly trained professionals and cost-effective services. These are the main reasons for the fast-growing market with over 2600 ICT companies that work alone or partnered with some of the worldwide known companies as Google, IBM, Adobe, Oracle and many others. It is estimated that IT market in Serbia is worth € 522.7 million euros, which is 8 % more than last year. This is resulting in new reforms that support innovation and entrepreneurial capital funds are soon to be expected.

IT services export reached one billion for the first time in 2018, showing substantial growth of 26 % compared to 2017.

The city of the future

The city known as “City of Electronics” because of its powerful electronic empire in the past is now home to a thriving IT community. Once known giant EI, produced the first electronic vacuum tube, computers Pecom 32 and Pecom 64, that were used all around Yugoslavia,  employed over 18 000 people at the time.

Now Nis is the University city with 13 faculties with about 30,000 students. Faculty of Electronic Engineering is counting more students over the years and as the numbers rise new opportunities are at the horizon.  The most recent opportunity for students is recently opened Startup Center that gives students support for innovative ideas and entrepreneurial projects.  The Startup Center is just the beginning of a thriving environment for IT companies and the community. Next step towards becoming the city of future is building Science and Technology Park Nis that will take place in the area of 14,000 square meters where there will be training for students for using advanced technologies and learning through practice.

As home to 160+ IT and 70+ advanced technologies companies, Nis is thriving with an opportunity to both quality engineers and great services. Yet another success story comes from Nis! The startup Frame, which was launched six years ago by three residents of Nis is now sold for $ 165 million to software company Nutanix.

As a conclusion Nis can be seen as the city with a glorious past, thriving present and promising future.

The region with engineering in its DNA

One of a very important part of IT is a community that connects everyone with a goal to educate, network and stimulate new ideas. Nis hosts a lot of IT conferences over the year and one of them is ITKonekt, where our company was one of the partners. Another community that we are part of is Nis Cluster of Advanced Technology whose members are 34 successful companies, 4 scientific research institutions and 3 economic development institutions.

A Decade of Work and Great Clients

And here at Ingsoftware we are dedicated to both clients and employees for a decade now.

Our employees have great opportunities here because we value knowledge, nurture company culture and all of us grow together with challenges on the way.

To all the newbies we offer interships as an opportunity to learn how things are done in practice and an opportunity to became part of our team.

In our team knowledge is a value and that’s why our employees have two hours of the working hours to pursue their interests and research any technology. Techtalks are weekly must-have here. And we encourage our employees to be part of global as well as local conferences.

Our clients describe us as a company that offers highly professional development services, that have the ability to scale to demands as needed, that their projects with us are a great success, that we figure things out and if we sum experiences up the word you are looking for is Awesome.


"We use reliable, cutting-edge technologies under security tested practices." – Milan Stamenkovic

We operate what we build. We build for growth. And we have been doing IT for a decade now." – Nenad Ilijic

"We build business and tech empires through digitalization and digital transformations." – Miroljub Boskovic