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Margeritenstraße 23
4072 Alkoven

Margeritenstraße 23
4072 Alkoven


Thomas Kent Rohrberg


AI as a Service propels your organization into the future of AI and enables to reap diverse benefits of advanced AI technology.
Developing, utilizing, and expanding the full potential of AI is complex. We offer your organization smooth, well-defined, and secure implementation and adaptation of AI. AI as a Service from 2021.AI ensures your organization resilience and robustness, while removing single point of failure. We help you on the entire AI journey – from defining the first use cases to developing machine learning models through implementation and support in production.

What is APEX AI Platform?

APEX AI Platform empowers AI technologies at a fraction of the cost
With APEX AI Platform we offer all organizations to implement the same AI technologies as used by the technology unicorns and the most AI ambitious Fortune 500 companies. APEX AI Platform supports the entire data science workflow, adhering to our mission: “To bring Machine Learning to every corner of any organisation across the globe.”

    The APEX AI Platform is available in three editions:
  1. APEX Front – A user-friendly interface for junior-level or aspiring data scientists
  2. APEX Go – A light-weight data science platform for basic data science work
  3. APEX Enterprise – A fully scalable data science collaboration platform for advanced data science teams.

We at want to growth our network in the upper austrian region and help the companies in the region to explore the potential with using AI in their business today.


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