Virtual Reality - The future of trainings


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Virtual Reality - short-term trend or future topic?

We are of the opinion that Virtual Reality has come to stay. In our current project VReduNet - ATCZ 256 "Virtual Reality for Education Network" we have, together with our project partners, made it our task to consolidate VR in education and training. The project is based on the idea of getting to know each other, building relationships and establishing a functioning network across national borders.

Together with our experts Klaus Stöttner, CEO pool3 GmbH, and Ing. Andrej Barguca, co-founder Virtual Lab, we would like to show you the advantages of VR/AR in the course of our webcast "Virtual Reality - The future of trainings". Especially in the field of education and training, the topic of VR has great potential, because due to this technology it is possible to train the employees for things that should not even occur in the best case, such as a fire in the machine hall, etc.

Klaus Stöttner, CEO pool 3 GmbH
Pool3 VR core and ecosystem - from a single application to a fully integrated VR training concept
Our VR training approach is as intuitive as possible for users: the more we immerse our senses - the better we perceive virtual reality and the better the training result. In order to be able to efficiently map VR trainings and anchor them sustainably in the company, we have to translate our experience into standards.

About pool3 GmbH: Founded in 2001, pool3 has always pushed the limits of interactive 3D applications. the award-winning VR training applications define standards in the area of complex technical learning content.


Ing. Andrej Barguca, co-founder Virtual Lab
Why do VR trainigs make sense nowadays?
In the company Virtual Lab, we implement virtual and augmented reality in engineering, education, healthcare and other fields. During the lecture he will explain to you what is most important in VR training. He will confirm this information to you with studies. He will show you the current hardware with usefull recommendations and show you how we specifically implement VR.

About Virtual Lab: It implements virtual reality in education, healthcare, engineering and other fields, where VR helps people and companies.

The event is organized within the project VReduNet - ATCZ256 (Virtual Reality for Education Network). The project is funded by the INTERREG V-A Austria-Czech Republic program. More information about the project>>

Project partners: South Bohemian Science and Technology Park, Education Group GmbH, University of South Bohemia Ceské Budejovice, Business Upper Austria


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