Neuer ITC-Partner: PHARE Technologies GmbH

PHARE Technologies Logo


PHARE Technologies is a company that develops a SaaS-based subscription model product that can be utilized pan Europe and surrounding regions in hazardous environments including, but not limited to industries such as construction, mining, Search & Rescue, and other similar industries.

A product that facilitates a Safety & Health environment.

This business is that of an advanced wearable technology company for next generation products. The company comprises of an Operational team, as well as R&D teams in Software and Hardware respective. The company will promote and supply all our current and future products to serve the Health & Safety sector.

Wearable technology, safety&health, construction industry, OSHA, EPA. EEA

Industry focus

  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Hazardous material handling
  • Industrial warehousing
  • Search and Rescue


  • A subscription based SaaS product
  • On-line platform for collaboration