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Connected Mobility Initiative - Smart Future

Following the successful kick-off of the Connected Mobility Initiative - Smart Future and around 100 visits to selected (Upper) Austrian companies and representatives of a wide variety of branches, the platform and its participants are now starting work. The feedback from the companies carried a clear message: most of them will be turning to topics such as big data, the internet of things, car-to-car communication (car2X), autonomous cars, cloud and mobility services in the near future because IT connections in and around vehicles is becoming increasingly widespread. 

This offers tremendous opportunities and potential for new, previously unimagined products, business models and services. At the heart of successful networking and interdisciplinary cooperation on this platform are partner companies of the Upper Austrian Automotive Cluster, IT Cluster, R&D facilities, companies close to the industry and outside it, public bodies and institutions.

The Connected Mobility Initiative serves as an incubator, catalyst and hub for innovative ideas and projects within the broad field of “smart future”. The aim is the sustainable and value-creating cooperation and networking of the partners, but also the positioning, visibility and presentation of the competences of Upper Austria’s productivities to those outside the industry and the continued development of the initiative’s individual fields of work. 

To finance the initiative (e.g. plenary meetings, website, organisation of experience exchange meetings etc.) the platform’s partners will be asked to pay an annual participation fee:

  • For partner companies of the participating Cluster organisations: EUR 500 (1 to 50 employees), EUR 1,000 (50 to 250 employees), EUR 2,000 (250 employees and above).
  • For R&D institutions: EUR 1,000.
  • For all other participating companies: EUR 2,500.

Plenumsmeetings "Connected Mobility Initiative - Smart Future"

  • 07.11.17         7. Plenumsmeeting, Catalysts GmbH
  • 19.09.17         ICM ERFA Connectivity
  • 07.06.17         6. Plenumsmeeting, Software Competence Center Hagenberg GmbH
  • 28.-30.03.17   Zukunftsreise Digitalisierung, München
  • 18.01.17         5. Plenumsmeeting, KTM Industries
  • 07.09.16         4. Meeting, ASFINAG Wien
  • 11.05.16         3. Meeting, Rosenbauer International AG
  • 27.01.16         2. Meeting, TechCenter Linz
  • 15.09.16         1. Meeting

More details on this initiative are available here: www.connected-mobility.at

Wolfgang Traunmüller, MSc

Project Manager

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Mobile: +43 664 8481285