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Services and benefits.

Your advantages from active membership of the IT Cluster

Becoming an exclusive partner in the IT Cluster brings you advantages at various different levels. We support your efforts to expand your business with a mix of proven and customised services. We help you become more competitive and see the bigger picture beyond the borders of Upper Austria.

Driving innovation
Become part of a very special community. In the ITC, we create wider appreciation of IT as a key technology in collaboration with business, industry, politics and interest groups. We carry out strategic measures to develop Upper Austria as a digital region.

Do you have innovative ideas but insufficient manpower? We connect you with the right partners so you can put your ideas into practice at the right time and in line with market requirements. Our expert knowledge of financing possibilities can help you find new sources of funding.

Information and communication
Use our information advantage: our wide range of databases, informative media and consultancy will move you forward.

Profit from the best in the branch and add to your strengths with a transfer of pooled know-how. Take advantage of our wide range of events and seminars to ensure constant access to expert knowledge of current trends and new technologies.

Marketing support
We help you increase your visibility and raise your profile in the market. Use Business Upper Austria - especially its ITC - to open doors to new customers and business partners. Upper Austria stands for a strong economy and an innovative business community. The regional identity is also reflected in the potent collaboration of Upper Austria’s IT companies.

Business Upper Austria has excellent connections in every important European region. Our international network enables us to facilitate entry to new markets. We guide you through complex EU projects and get you fit for global markets.

In addition to all the advantages as a Cluster partner, you also have the full range of services provided by Business Upper Austria at your disposal (e.g. support finding your business location, dealing with the authorities, applying for European funding, legal advice on intellectual property, etc.).
Find out more from the Business Upper Austria website. www.biz-up.at